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We are pleased to announce that, effective May 28, 2021, BESCO Grain, Ltd. has been acquired by Wisconsin Spice. Inc., the world’s foremost supplier of mustard ingredients.


We look forward to continuing to excel as a leader in the market of mustard seed contracting, processing, and marketing in Canada and around the world, with the support and alignment of the systems and resources offered by Wisconsin Spice.


“Since BESCO’s inception, our goal has been to not only provide mustard producers access to the international market, but to become a dependable product development partner, as well,” said BESCO President Rene Caners. “By joining forces with Wisconsin Spice, we take a positive step forward in delivering on both of those objectives.”


BESCO’s management and staff will continue to operate the company autonomous to Wisconsin Spice.


Please visit Wisconsin Spice’s website for more information about their products and services.

About Us

BESCO Grain Ltd. deals in the niche market of mustard seed contracting, processing and marketing to regional and international markets.  By specializing in the marketing, processing and packaging of mustard seed, BESCO has managed to streamline operations to a maximum level of efficiency at its two locations in Brunkild and Homewood, Manitoba.  This is a competitive advantage in a global marketplace that has an established appetite for the mustard seeds grown on the Canadian prairies.


Our goal is not only to give mustard producers access to the international market, but to become a dependable product development partner.  BESCO offers product solutions on a local level, in addition to global marketing advantages.


Our management team has decades of experience within the international agricultural industry.  Their combined expertise and extensive network of contacts has been invaluable to BESCO thus far, and will continue to propel the company into new opportunities on the international scene.

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